Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zombies,Vampires and Werewolves "1"

The truth about them
 They are really living among us.In fact they are us.we are possibly one of them,but you just have to define yourself .What are you ?.. Are you a Zombie ,Vampire or a Werewolf?
So lets define the meaning of them.what a true zombie could be !?
A zombie :-
Is a creature who  moves so slowly falling apart ,his arms are always stretching to get something .you can even play with them and they will not hurt you but its all about how can you fight them without even moving .. they can be standing in front of you and u can keep huffing at them ,annoy them  and they wont even harm you ,but be careful once you give them your back or even turn for a moment  be sure  that they will take a big bite of you  merciless .Finally a zombie is a weak creature you can fight him back so easily .In fact you can just shoot him in the head , he will just die and you will be fine,but once that creature put his arms around you ,you just turned around , or you give him your back .. He will bite without mercy .You will turn to a zombie  and you will be falling apart like him.zombies are like your ex "whatever" they are too lazy to harm you but they still want to harm you with any possible way they could do  but still they are too lazy to harm you .
so let's see what about Vampires?
Vampires are sweet, pretty ,romantic ,good looking creatures.You will think that they are too sweet to hurt you but Oh,boy they are good at disguise .You can find a lot of them at work , or any place that people are hiding behind their artificial scale.Once they want to get something they will raid every inch of the world till they get what they want . They can be good friends forever too if they trust you but if you betrayed them they will really really have no mercy on you .They will hunt you forever,till they get you down.They are too sweet to hurt but they always hurt when they kiss or tickle . so lets save some for later about vampires ..
Finally we can talk about Werewolves
This Tribe really rocks "Woo hoo!!" . They are restricted. They fight without fear.They will hurt you in your face but they are wise.They are always fighting for something,but that's because nobody ever tried to understand that all what they want is to live a good life.They may want to dominate the world but they want the good for it.They have rules and they don't like whoever break it .They are your family .Those ones who loves you and want the good life for you .You may not like them but they are really really so afraid on you.They may take bad decisions for your life but you will thank them later.but sure you can take your own decisions but they will hunt you till you get back to your mind or they will just ruin your life,but when they realize that you did the best thing for yourself .They will respect you, but they will never forgive you .
The outline is : Zombies,Vampires,Werewolves are  us we choose what we want to be .According to the situation you can transform but be wise when you transform .. because you may get the bad transformation for the good situation and then there will be no back , but sure there will be a small chance to fix it up.
To be continued ...

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